Chapter 271: Melody Bridge in Fukuoka (メロディー・ブリッジ)


Just outside Kidonanzoin-Mae Station you will follow a route to the Melody Bridge where you can play a pretty song.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 271: Melody Bridge in Fukuoka (メロディー・ブリッジ)

  1. I left my heart in Yokohama in ’69, crying at the airport in Tokyo, not wanting to go back to the States. Dad took me to Fukuoka on a routine flight. He was #2 senior pilot who trained pilots and flew the Asia-US route. I got to see Fukuoka from the cockpit. ‘Don’t touch anything’ was the rule. Nowadays, a son or daughter cannot be brought into the cockpit. Big hugs from Reno, FlyingTofu-san.

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