Chapter 561: Yubari Melon (夕張メロン)

Yubari Melon (夕張メロン )

I’ve always loved melon!! Especially honeydew back home!! Hokkaido is not only famous for its seafood but also for its melons! Yubari melon is cantaloupe melon produced only in Yubari Hokkaido. The prices can go up to scary figures of 3 Million yen during premium auctions but you can grab a lovely slice for 500 Yen. Trust me it’s the first time paying so much for a slice of melon neatly cut into 6 mouth fulls.

The taste is almost like honey, sweet and bursting with flavour, very juicy, soft as if melty, and made a very great snack! One of the staff members tried to sell me a whole melon and told me he’d be happy to give me a discount if I buy more. Judging by the clearly laid out prices….I’ll pass any day. In Japan people usually buy it as a gift or if its a special occasion.


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