Chapter 679: Self Udon Yama Tokushima Ekimae (セルフうどん やま 徳島駅前)

Self Udon Yama Tokushima Ekimae (セルフうどん やま 徳島駅前)

I finally got myself to Tokushima after an hour train ride from Takamatsu. I didn’t eat a whole lot for breakfast and saved myself for UDON!

Tokushima and Shikoku Island is famous for Udon, and I popped into a lovely restaurant called Self Udon Yama. It’s a minute walk from the station and it’s very easy to find. I think the name says it all. Self-Udon. but no you don’t get to make your own Udon but you just simply take a tray, pick your portions, grab whatever sides and topping you want and pay at the counter. It was very similar to my experience at: Tamon-an Udon when I was at the Kobe Airport flying off to Okinawa back in 2017.

It made me feel like as if I was back in school again. I couldn’t have udon without something crunchy, Chicken Karage, Meat Croquette, and Sakuwa. But I also grabbed a portion of dashi egg maki! It was indeed an extremely filling meal, I think I should have gotten the smaller portion of udon as I struggled to finish everything, I’m so greedy!!

Overall, it was good!!


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