Chapter 877: Shiba-Sakura Liner Bus (芝桜ライナーバス)

I took the highway bus (it was more like a coach) from Tokyo Shibuya Station (Mark City). The price was 1,800 yen for one way and duration took about 1hr and 30mins. After I got off the highway bus I went straight to the ticket office just outside the Kawaguchiko Station (河口湖駅). It was super busy on the day but after the long line, I finally got my Shiba-Sakura Liner Bus (芝桜ライナーバス) return journey tickets!! It was 2000 yen. After that I had to line up again to board the bus, this was a day where I had to line up a lot. The journey was supposed to be about 30-40 minutes but because of severe traffic, it took almost 2 hours as the bus slowly made it’s way to the event. At one point I really thought I wasn’t make it because I was extremely hungry.


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