Chapter 1094: Pork Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)

This is considered Okinawa’s soul food. And I know exactly why that is. It’s because it taste so freaking awesome. I had the classic fried goya with spam meat and egg, one with mentaiko mayo, one with just egg and spam, and one with deep fried TOFU!! I love TOFU! The shop has many varieties and to be honest I didn’t quite know which ones to get. Being a little bit of pig I opted for a box set. I had 2 for breakfast and the other 2 was waiting for me after a long walk around Naha.
Goya juice is a big no no. But deep fried goya with egg and spam is delicious!! I love this combination so much. The crispy texture of the goya garnished with spring onions is simply perfect. Soft spam meat and egg go so well together. I could eat this everyday.
I also got a cup of hot asa seaweed soup. You can’t go wrong with seaweed, it’s surprisingly very light in flavour. This was a good breakfast. There’s a few branches of this shop, this was the Naha domestic lobby one. There’s one in Onigashi market, Chatan American Village, apparently there is one in Fukuoka and Hawaii too.


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