Chapter 38: Bunny Parfait at Maid Dreamin’ Cafe, Akihabara


I was in Tokyo with my friend who took me to a Maid Cafe to experience the joy of the overly cute culture of Moe. On the streets of Akihabara you’d encounter many girls handing out leaflets advertising different themed cafes. We found a girl who worked at one called, Maid Dreamin’, she was happy to lead us to a building where we had to take an escalator up. She was ‘in-character’ and told us ‘It’s a magical rocket that will take us to a happy place.’ and of course, anywhere is happy for me outside the office.

Upon entering the cafe it was filled with men ranging from about 18-50 years old, I was the only female there during that time but I didn’t care less. I ordered from the set menu which came with drinks for 2 and a parfait. We were required to wear animal headbands to join the fun. Before we could even touch our drinks we had to chant some magical spells to bless the food in hopes it will become more delicious, then we were given a fake candle that lit up after the chant was complete. One of the maids asked if we wanted to also dress-up? And she said some male guests also love dressing up as maids… I’m retired from my teenage years but wanted to witness my friend in the attire, but he also declined hiding behind a tissue in total embarrassment.

There was a performance by the girls dancing to Hare Hare Yukai from an anime I use to watch in my youth, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. 2 men started dancing to the music with flashing glow-lights, it was intense, I assumed they had practised for years to achieve that perfect sync. It was an experience that shocked me with lighting bolts and I shall never forget the instant double shock of when we left the cafe and found our minds. . .Lost, almost not knowing what reality was. Ultimately, the parfait was delicious and I had no complaints.

✈Osaka: Check in starts in 1 day. . .

✈Fukuoka: Check in starts in 75 days. . .


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