Chapter 45: The Manga Museum, Kyoto


I visited the Manga Museum in Kyoto out of pure curiosity. To my surprise they had manga printed from many languages across the globe. I saw shelves of manga everywhere and it was pretty interesting to have a look around and learn about the history of how it became a thing in Japan. And yes! Most things on the shelves are for people to read offering a sitting area on the side. Some rooms didn’t allow photography for copyright sake, but it was an interesting experience to visit as I am quite the manga fanatic. There were a few floors, and a long queue of tourists waiting for an artist to them draw on paper as characters for a small fee. Near the check out desks I recall seeing a few bits and bobs of anime merchandise from t-shirts to key-chains and notebooks. Overall it was worth the visit.

✈Osaka: Flying out on 23-11-2017

✈Okinawa: Flying out on 27-11-2017

✈Fukuoka: Flying out on 05-02-2018


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