Chapter 465: The B Sapporo Susukino (ザ・ビー 札幌 すすきの)

Very Modern. Spotless. Good Location. Comfortable. I stayed at this hotel on 2 seperate occasions and it was the best decision in terms of price + location. The hotel is situated in one of the best areas of Sapporo, Susukino. Only 5 minutes away by foot from the Susukino subway station and a 25 minute walk from Sappporo station (or 15 by Subway).

The staff here are absolutely pleasant and friendly people. My room was by far the most comfiest and quiet, the shower however was like alien technology, there were so many functions I was almost lost in there. The only thing missing is a deep-soaking bath tub! But showers are relaxing too. 

The room came with a Handy Smart Phone, free wifi and it has a great camera to take outside on your journeys! The breakfast is very good, buffet style with many options from sashimi, sausages, to Chinese dim sum and omelletes. Satisfying and a big thumbs up! Plus they have coin laundry machines…Overall, I’m definitely returning back in the future…Possibly next April, because I might re-visit Sapporo.


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