Chapter 655: South of Hiroshima

I headed down south of Hiroshima very early in the morning. I was on a journey to Matsushima and Kotohira. Which I shall post about very soon! So…heading down south you would find many bridges and you’ll be near the waters. The plan was to reach the port around 7am to catch the ferry. It started out very cloudy with almost no one around so it felt very peaceful!! South of Hiroshima really reminded me of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 655: South of Hiroshima

  1. I really love the cloudiness of the scenery. Clouds and rain are my favourite things. I know this isn’t Hiroshima itself, but I do want to visit it one day. It’s so rich with history, most of it not very good, and I feel like it’d be an important place to see.

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